Painting Through the Psalms by Susie

I am thrilled to announce a new author here at RaisingDeepRoots!  She is my beloved best friend, wife to Associate Pastor in Tiburon, CA, mom of two precious boys: Owen & Jake, physicist in a cancer institute (aka- total brain), lover of cooking & gardening, and an incredibly missions minded mama when in comes to family & community life.  You will love reading what she is doing with her kids and how she weaves discipleship & reaching out to those around her into her everyday life.  Here is her official first post!  Welcome my beloved friend!!!
I stumbled across Psalms for Young Children a few weeks ago at our local bookstore and immediately fell in love with it!  What’s not to love?  The book consists of a selection of Psalms (paraphrased by Marie-Helen Delval) for young readers – each paired with an absolutely gorgeous illustration by the artist Arno.
Isn’t this what we love about the Psalms?  Poetic language combined with powerful imagery to aid us in expressing our wonder and joy and sadness and regret to the Lord? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this book could serve as a tool to introduce the beauty of the Psalms to my boys and teach them a language with which to express themselves to the Lord? Could the Biblical poetry paired with beautiful imagery be etched up on their hearts and burned into their memory?  I’d never know unless I tried!
Every Tuesday I have a precious 2 hours alone with my first born son – the one who loves to draw, paint, glue, cut, color, mold, shape and form.  We call it our Mommy-Owen date and he so far he still turns down play dates with friends in favor of our dates.  I hold my breath and then exhale my thanksgiving to God each time I hear him respond with a “No thanks.  I have a date with my mom.”  This time will be fleeting.  I feel it with every beat of my heart.
Today I am especially giddy as I pick him up.  I already have the chocolate chip bagel and cream cheese snack prepared along side his milk.  The painting easel is sitting out in the front yard in the shade of our big beautiful tree.  Paint, paper, brushes, and book – all ready!  “Do you want to paint for our date?”  I already know what his answer will be.  I pull out the new treasure I’d found and we flip through the pages and admire the artwork.  “Mom, is this a library book?”  “No, love, I bought it – it’s ours to keep”.  “YES!”  I smile and I know we are on to something!
He paints and I rejoice.  I ask him, as he streaks blue across the page, “What does the river have that makes it good for a tree to planted by it?”   “Oh mom, that’s easy!  It has water and every thing needs water to grow”, he responds.  “Well, how do we grow in our love for God and our understanding of him?” I ask him, wondering if he’s going to balk at the “God talk.” He doesn’t and I rejoice some more.  He answers me, “we pray and we listen and when we hear him talk to our heart and then we do what he asks us to do.” His sweet answer makes me smile.  As he dots fruit onto his tree, I press on, “Why do you think the tree is full of fruit?”  He sits and paints and thinks and then says, ” Well, if you listen to God – he gives you the Holy Spirit to fill you up with fruit like peace, patience, kindness, joy, …”  Hmmm, I had not thought of it that way before.  So now he’s teaching me…
He interrupts my thoughts.  “I’m ready for Psalm 2 now, Mom.”  I rejoice yet again.  “The book jumps to Psalm 4.  Let’s do that one.”
He paints and I just watch.  “Mom, this is a good one.  Its about when you are scared at bedtime, but you close your eyes and think about how BIG God is and then you don’t feel scared anymore and you can just fall asleep.”  And I rejoice! and I rejoice some more and I feel the overwhelming desire to have the next Psalm we paint be one of expressing thanksgiving and rejoicing in the Lord!!!
5 Responses to “Painting Through the Psalms by Susie”
  1. Hannah says:

    Susan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! will definitely try this when rach is a bit older and can appreciate it better. for now, crayola and white paper will have to do! 🙂

    • Susan says:

      Thanks Hannah! You might want to wait for the painting bit but don’t hesitate to pick up a copy of the book now. It would be perfect for snuggling with your sweet girl and reading and looking at the art together. And honestly, for this time starved, scripture hungry mamma, these simplified Psalms still feed my soul – even if its in the form of a children’s book!

  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful and encouraging, thanks for sharing 🙂

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