Rest easy dear one….His Word is living. by Kell

I breathe.  Slow & steady.  Sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I don’t have time to….

The energy required to parent three boys is well….I can’t even describe it.  You only really get it if you are another mom of these small little balls of energy.  On a normal day, I’m good…..excited, energized, enthusiastic about looking for bugs, sock wrestling, obstacle courses, soccer playing, riding bikes to the park….all in the span of 3 hours.  But pregnant is just not normal.  Pregnant and parenting 3 boys…..breathe.  Breathe so I don’t pass out.  Breathe so I don’t get angry.  Breathe so I don’t have a total breakdown over the little peanut butter fingers that graze my freshly washed & bleached white slipcovered couch.  (Okay, if you don’t have a white slipcovered couch, you can judge all you want, but it is ingenious, I promise.  It’s the only color I can bleach out the marks of the little people.  Don’t knock it till you try it!!)  Pregnant, and parenting three boys, and planning VBS, now we’re just off our rocker.  Some kind of crazy, I know.

I was having one of those nights….where breathing needed to happen.  I went to our monthly prayer and praise service dry and weary.  I was hungry to be restored.  I journaled, I sang, I prayed, I wept out of sheer exhaustion.  And I leaned heavy on the body of Christ.  It was the latter that mended my soul.  I sat with two of the people I respect most in our church body, a married couple, who have been through pains and trials, who have raised children, who have a marriage that gives the rest of us hope that love grows deep and wide and long and high with each new day and season.  And one question came roaring from my heart, how did you do it?  How did you balance it all and keep the most important things the most important?  And while on a normal, non pregnant day, I am a Bible timelining, alphabet adventuring kind of gal….I needed her quiet words of reassurance to pave the way for my heart to breathe.  “Do you pray with them at night?” she asked peacefully.  Yes.  “Do you read the Word together as a family?” Yes.  “Then rest easy dear one, the Word is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword.”  Life.  Breath.  His Word never returns void.  Amen. Amen. Amen.

The roar of my husband filled the house tonight with little boys screaming and giggling to his heavy monster like footsteps searching for prey to tickle as I washed the dishes and started prepping for dinner tomorrow.  I then snuggled deep next to the oldest with Stevenson’s Treasure Island and we read and talked and dreamed and prayed.  And my heart breathes, resting in the little I offer, trusting that the same Christ who took the bread and loaves and multiplied them will take my efforts and bear fruit.  Fruit that will grow and last and plant again.  And I give thanks.

8 Responses to “Rest easy dear one….His Word is living. by Kell”
  1. Hannah says:

    wonderfully written! i could hear myself taking deep breaths as you wrote “breathe”. 🙂 i often find myself taking that deep breath after a storm of cleaning (kitchen, playroom) – and it’s usually a breath of sheer exhaustion, but to purposefully breathe in God’s Holy Word is always promising and soothing. 🙂

  2. Andi says:

    God is so good… as I read this today I have had one of those days where it took me over an hour at the grocery store, just to buy the 18 necessary items I need today, my son wants to push every limit we have set & baby girl wants to be held- all the time. I had a moment earlier where I just started crying because there was no other option in that second. Thank you for sharing this & reminding me of what is important and what lasts. Not everyday can be ideal, but we can meet our spiritual needs and those of our family& make sure everyone knows they are loved… God is blessed.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Andi. I have those days all the time….where crying is just the only response that can happen….and mine usually results in a bad grocery store trip too!!!!! I’m thankful we can encourage each other despite time and distance, God is so good to give us the body. Big hugs

      • Andi says:

        I completely agree. It is great to know that even though we may be physically alone when these moments happen, we have sisters that have been there & a God that can encourage us with each others stories. I pray blessings for your family & energy and peace for you as you grow baby #4! 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Ahh Kellye! You are an awesome mom! It is amazing how God can use anything, like exhausting 4th pregancies to teach us of his amazing love! I learned a similar lesson right before I had Chloe. I would sometimes cry and wonder to God “Can I do this?” I struggled a lot, and would often convince myself that I was failing as mom! My Type A personality mixed with boy craziness, would often make me feel as though I was a short step from insanity..OK maybe I did step into insanity a few times LOL I still do and I make it look good! 🙂 Anyway, one night as I prayed this verse came to me: “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11 I finally got that God loves my kids even more than I do, and that if I trust him he will GENTLY lead me. I realized also that I had to depend on God’s picture of perfection for my life and not my own. That if I solidfy my family on Him that, it was ok if the house was total chaos, and that my kids yelled out “HI Daddy!” while he preaches even if I feel judgmental glances from seniors in the congregation on my parenting skills. I still struggle with wanting everything organized, wanting to feel great everyday, for even a quiet moment… so I bring out crazy psycho mom, as I call her, and try to bring it all together by force on my own, but God is fast to remind me: He doesn’t need me, but I need him. So let go! Oh how I love those moments when he gives me encouragement: when I hear Kaiden sharing his faith with his classmates, even when the teacher said it was unappropriate, or when Samuel sings “I’m a Jesus Freak” as loud as humanly possible in Trader Joes, or when Darion draws pictures in his therapy of God and him playing ball together..and even little Chloe saying “Jeeessuuss wuv” I have always admired you and Daniel and your patience and love for your kids! They are great kids! Being a mom is hard, being a mom of boys is crazy hard, but you are good at it! I hope someday we can get all our boys together!! Can’t wait to see your number 4!! BREATH!!! Love you all!

  4. Paige says:

    somehow, I missed this post when it was posted, maybe bc I needed it now. Sometimes my expectation of myself only results in feeling like a failure. I love what your friend said, “rest easy, his word is living.” Keeping the main thing the main thing is more important than having a messy house and dirty dishes in the sink. thanks for the reminder, through my tears, God is speaking quietly to my heart.

    • God is so good like this. The same thing happened to me tonight…another blog ministered at the right time and moment. This message of resting in His living Word is one I need EVERY day Paige. I’m so thankful God is using us to speak to each others hearts. You are a precious precious mom & wife & woman.

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