His Word is Living & His Word is Life by Kell

“Rest easy dear one, His Word is living.”  Her words didn’t end there.  While her gentleness continued, she spoke great truth that was a beautiful reminder to my soul.  “They watch you, they see you, they hear you, they know faith in Christ by your life.”  Yes, His Word is living but it is also … Continue reading

Rest easy dear one….His Word is living. by Kell

I breathe.  Slow & steady.  Sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I don’t have time to…. The energy required to parent three boys is well….I can’t even describe it.  You only really get it if you are another mom of these small little balls of energy.  On a normal day, I’m good…..excited, energized, enthusiastic about looking for bugs, sock … Continue reading

Slugs & Bugs Live! coming to TCAAB

Believe it! I’m posting a blog…..AND…..Slugs & Bugs Live! is coming to TCAAB!! We want YOU there! I can’t stand the wait, I am SO excited!! My preggo self is a busy bee right now…..VBS planning, Slugs & Bugs planning, and much more. So please forgive me for my massive blog shortcomings these days!!! We … Continue reading