His banner over me is love….by Kell

My jaw is currently hitting the floor for several reasons.  1.  I am not napping.  2. I am kinda okay with that.  3. I remembered my login and password for the blog.  4. I actually got creative for the first time in 13 weeks.  5. Tomorrow I will be 14 weeks and will do a happy dance to say goodbye to my first trimester the second I wake.  6. I get a 5 day vaca with the hubb-a-lishous, some of our closest friends, some wonderful mentors, and NO NO NO children.  WHAT??!!!  Now I am falling off my chair in shock.  CAN. NOT. WAIT.  It is a good week to celebrate….minus my puking 4 year old all night last night.  But we’ll just keep our eyes on the positive here b/c it’s just too too good to get bogged down by a little (okay a LOT) of vomit.

And back to my first moment of intentional parenting in the last 13 weeks ;-)……we got a little lovey dovey in the house on Monday for Valentine’s Day (in which I have re-named to “spend way to much on lame red things” day).  Not that I don’t appreciate red things or chocolate but I like them on unexpected days, call me spontaneous, so glad the hubs and I are on the same page with that one.  So, we got lovey dovey for some real reasons around here.  Not the worldly lovey dovey, unrealalistic expectations, promises of joy and happiness every day kind of love…but the REAL, FREEING, UNEXPLAINABLE love of Jesus Christ.  And it was good.  Good for me.  God for the hubs.  Good for the munchkins.

What is love?  Where do we look to understand love?  How do we love?  These are questions that kids can really grasp because they have earthly experiences of love every day from parents and siblings.  It is easy for them to say love is sharing, or saying nice words, or not being angry.  And this is an easy lesson for any parent to teach because we know REAL love and the Bible is VERY VERY specific on the what’s, who’s, when’s and why’s of love.  We focused on 1 Corinthians 13 as I think this is the most basic, easiest to understand, and one of the most convicting sections of scripture on love.

We started off with the idea to make a “banner of love.”  In Song of Songs 2:4 the Beloved is speaking about her lover saying “He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love.”  I love that in our marriages we can be a banner of love over our spouses and I love even more that we can look to the Lord as having a banner of love over us that literally washes our lives and souls with the precious blood of Jesus.  Is there anything more loving than sacrifice?  Thank you Jesus for such an example.  Our banner is giving us a moment by moment reminder of the things that flow from a relationship with Jesus.  We took 1 Cor 13 and broke it down by words, decorating a heart of some kind for each word (ie. patient, kind, not self-seeking, always trusts) and we strung them up in order on a long piece of yarn.  We did two strips, one at the beginning that says “His banner over me is love,” and one at the end saying “Love never fails.”  The verse is in between those.  The kids also did extra hearts on things they think about God’s love- strong, powerful (boy words!!), and they each did one that says “I love you God or I love you Jesus.”  So so so cute.

This is an any day lesson.  It does not have to be Valentine’s Day to teach our children of true love.  Our banner will stay up for quite a while as I need the reminder more than anyone ;-). Hence why it’s hanging in the kitchen where I spend all my time…..cooking and pondering the precious love of Jesus.  Amen. Amen. Amen.

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2 Responses to “His banner over me is love….by Kell”
  1. Susan says:

    Love It! Isn’t this your year of Love too?

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  1. […] also plan on copying (what else is new?) Kellye’s His Banner Over Me is Love idea and taking some time looking at what the Bible defines as true and perfect love!  Thank you […]

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