Another Woman’s Heart is my Blessing by Kell

I am expectant this year, eager for the coming Christ. My heart is ready to tread through the pages of Scripture in search of the King of Kings that the prophets spoke of. Their lives & words were windows into the very heart of our Father and I pray this Christmas they would be the very ones who lead our family to the birth of Jesus.

For over a year now I have been reading Ann Voskamp’s blog “A Holy Experience.” She is like a modern day psalmist….the reality of her imperfection coupled with honest, heartfelt praise is breathtaking. The Lord often uses her gentle written words to pierce my heart and I am greatful for the joy I have had thus far in being one of her many blog stalkers ;-).

As I posted on facebook, she has an increadible resource available for free that you cannot pass up. I have just poured over it and am itching to get to kinkos to print, laminate & begin (we will be a day off!!). The Jesse Tree is up and ready, the ornamants are in a beautiful basket waiting to be touched and spoken of, the stories of scripture are ready to be unfolded. If the hearts in this home are not ready, they are about to be flooded with truth and changed forever.

I encourage you to go to her website, sign up to recieve her emails and through that you will recieve a free Jesse Tree book with devotionals and the most beautiful printable ornaments. I pray, ready hearts or not, you join us in this journey with whomever fills your house, to welcome the Jesus that the prophets waited for.

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