Holiday Fun: Advent. Part 1. Jesse Tree by Kell

I am so excited to share our month of December with you!  In our home we celebrate Advent, which means “coming” or “arrival” .  It is a way to help the kids grasp the meaning of the birth of Christ.  It is a time of joy and hope as we celebrate the Savior coming to us.   It is more obvious each year how our culture is squeezing the life out of Christmas.  I have to say, I was a little on the depressed side one day this past week as I was shopping for some ornaments.  Peppermint mocha in hand, filled with excitement to search for treasures and only one of five stores I went to had ornaments that were actually about the birth of Christ (props go to Hobby Lobby for keeping it real!!!).  In my heart this just means I need to make sure what they hear at home is undeniable truth bathed in the joy of the coming Christ.  Therefore, we are celebrating Advent in two ways this year: an Advent Wreath and a Jesse Tree.

A Jesse Tree is a really beautiful way to prepare one’s heart (young and old!) for celebrating the birth of Christ.  It is not a typical Baptist tradition but any would agree that teaching our children the big picture of what happened in the history of the Old Testament is nothing short of fantabulous ;-)!!!  The basics of the Jesse Tree are this: 25 days, starting with creation of the world and ending in the birth of Jesus, a devotion each day and an “ornament” placed on a tree.  This is like a tree of our Big Picture Timeline done in a much shorted time period.

The ornaments can be as simple or elaborate as you like (there are several options listed below that could be completed before Dec. 1…..and one by December 2011, ha!).  I have spent about 4 days on my Jesse tree and have done a combination of buying ornaments and making felt ones for things that are impossible to find (such as a slingshot, or stone altar).  I will share where I bought the ones in the pictures in case you want to hunt around this week!!

Hobby Lobby: world with hands and cross, green glitter apple, lamb (in the doll house section), angel, star, Mary/Joseph/baby Jesus, tool box

Cost Plus World Market: lion, sheep, camel,

Target: trumpet, key

All the others I have made (still missing 2: Moses Staff and Ruth’s Wheat) with felt & craft glue and hand stitching (do not look closely!!!).  Several I have glued and plan on sewing on a long holiday drive to add some texture.  It really only took me one night to make them- they are NOT fabulous but they will do for this year!  I have listed a link below for Jesse Tree coloring pages.  There are four ornaments per page and you could quickly print and kids could color every day for a very easy Jesse Tree option that is JUST as effective.

As for the daily devotions, I have combined several of the below links to form my own.  I like the gal who uses the Big Picture Bible and New Testament Scriptures so I have based a lot on her work 😉 and done some tweaking for our family.   I’m not totally done with this part of it yet so if you have interest and need some guidance on assembling this part I will be happy to post our full set of devotions once they are done.  There are two or three links below that might help you start the process.  I have done a lot of research over the past couple of weeks and these are my favorite sites and the most beneficial I have found.  Others had the same type of information but I prefer these.

We just cannot get enough Jesus in our home!!!  Join us in the Jesse Tree as we show our children the wonder & miracle of Jesus Christ!

Jesse Tree Instructions and Basic Scripture Outline

Jesse Tree Devotional Option 1 (RCA Devo’s)

Jesse Tree Devotional Option 2 (Gal who created Devo’s based off of Big Picture Bible & Beginners Bible, there are great NT references throughout)

Jesse Tree Coloring Pages (Easy ornament option)

And the most beautiful felt Jesse Tree, WISH I COULD SEW.

Jesse Tree Ornament Ideas

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5 Responses to “Holiday Fun: Advent. Part 1. Jesse Tree by Kell”
  1. Susan says:

    kellye! they turned out so great!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The coat of many colors. xoxo

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