Holiday Fun: Teaching Need vs. Want by Kell

The last week and a half in our world has been a whirlwind.  My husbands grandfather passed away last Wednesday so we drove to be with family.  I hope to post someday about the legacy of faith that my husband was adopted into.  The funeral was a beautiful picture of grace for Daniel and my many friends going through adoption will be encouraged to hear the neat testimonies that came so I promise this one to come!!!  And today our 2-year-old had tubes put in his ears as well as an adenoidectomy.  It was a rough day to say the least.  But we ended with a bang when Logan brought home a Mayflower assignment from school.

His assignment was to pack a small bag of things for a journey to America on The Mayflower.  We took the opportunity and ran with it!  I found this website that has some great links on it.  The first link is to the scholastic website where you can take an audible tour of The Mayflower as well as the housing, food, schooling that they were accustomed to.  It was awesome.  It also lets you compare the pilgrims to the tribal people who lived in MA.  The second link is to an online suitcase that they can pack.  There are different pictures (toys, food, furniture, warm clothing etc) and they are alloted to pack 150 pounds of things they will need (not want!).  It was a great moment to talk about what our needs are in life: shelter, water, food, clothing and how the pilgrims didn’t have room for what they wanted.  We weaved in conversation about how the pilgrims came to America with purpose.  They were there for “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” Therefore, what did they NEED to do that?  They needed The Word and the basics of life to get them started.  So we “packed our bag” with rice, oats, dried fruits, nuts, flour, a pot, a warm jacket, a lace (on the scholastic website we learned that boys didn’t have belts but a “lace” to tie up their pants), and a Bible.

Then we did a worksheet from Sunday School at Daniel’s parents church from this last Sunday (good timing!!), which you could easily recreate.  It was from Matthew 6: 25-34 and said…

“God cares for _____ (people).  Do not worry about _____(clothing).  Do not worry about _____(food) or _____(drink).  Think about the ____(birds).  God takes care of them.  God cares for the ____ (flowers).  God will take care of _____(me).”  Each blank was a circle where they could draw the word.  It was great to sit and chat about how the Pilgrims had The Word and they knew the God would provide for all their needs and wants.  They didn’t have to pack a lot because they trusted in the God who provides!  I loved the chance to turn our public school lesson into a faith filled message.  I hope you enjoy the link above and have the chance to talk about the “why” of the Pilgrims and The Mayflower this Thanksgiving!

May our homes be places that glorify God and advance the gospel to the precious little people He has blessed us with!

2 Responses to “Holiday Fun: Teaching Need vs. Want by Kell”
  1. Susan says:

    Kellye – loved the Fill your suitcase exercise! Printed one out for us to do too! thanks chickie!

  2. Gianne says:

    Loved the “Pack Your Suitcase” worksheet. Will try that indeed! Have some princesses who could use some thinking about “needs” and “wants”…

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