Bible Timeline: Part 3 Life Outside the Garden by Kell

Yesterday, we dug into the Word for Part 3 of our Bible Timeline: Outside the Garden.  The Big Picture Bible focus’ on two main parts in this section: how horrible life was outside of Eden and how God began the first rescue plan through Noah, the obedient one, and his family.  We focused on how the consequences of Adam & Eve’s decision led them to a life that was difficult, full of labor, full of pain, full of hardship.  It led right into how deeply it affected the generations of people under them.  Talk about convicting for us as parents to see how the younger generations continued in the same patterns.

It is eye-opening for a child to see that God choose to wipe away all the evil through the flood and begin again through Noah & his family.  But it was a beautiful picture of obedience to the kids to see how Noah’s choice, hard as it was, led to the blessing of His family.  Noah’s good choices also led to a huge promise in scripture to never destroy the earth again.  Of course in those little minds, they are thinking, “is God going to do this to us if we make a bad choice?”  It was wonderful to say “NO!!”  God has given us a wonderful promise and every time we see the rainbow we can point back to scripture and say this is our reminder, we shall not fear.

There are several, probably thousands upon thousands, of Noah aids that you can use with this story.  Animal sets, puzzles, books and more.  We have a beautiful Noah’s ark floor puzzle that we put together and a fun book called “How Noah Knew What to do” by Karen Moore (filled with funny rhymes and such, so cute).  Lifeway has a couple of great puzzles- one with the whole alphabet of Noah ;-), you know I was tempted to get that one!!!   So get your water table out, some plastic animals and some toy boats and go for it with a fun afternoon of Noah, the obedient!  Here is to shaping a life of joyful obedient hearts in our children!

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2 Responses to “Bible Timeline: Part 3 Life Outside the Garden by Kell”
  1. Hannah says:

    Love it! and of course Noah needed a hammer! they needed many, many hammers! I LOVE the Bible timeline idea!

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