Bible Timeline: Part 2 A Very Sad Day by Kell

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If I am going to buy a store-bought cookie, it is going to be a Milano raspberry one.  That’s what I’m indulging in as I write….just in case you were wondering…even though you probably aren’t.  I still wanted to put that out there.  I do love Oreos…but self control flies out the window with those so we will stick to Milanos until I can improve on that fruit of the Spirit, ha!

Oh, for the LOVE!  Part 2 A Very Sad Day was SO AMAZING.  Sin is just such a hard topic for the littles to grasp, but this was a glorious moment in the “getting it” process for all.  A Very Sad Day refers to the fall of Adam and Eve.  There is lots of room to elaborate and go deeper with this but we stuck to the basics and focused on the fork in the road for Adam & Eve.  Choose to listen and obey God = the road of LIFE or choose to listen and obey Satan = the road of DEATH.  In the most sincere voice, the oldest said “I wish they would have chosen life, mommy.”  Me too, me too, me too, beloved.  We had some solid discussion while illustrating this.  We actually went outside with our glue and naked Adam & Eve cut outs and “clothed them” with dead leaves and talked about how they felt shame for the first time and how that transfers to us.  We painted our tree and made big red glittery fruit and put red glitter on Adam & Eve’s hands to shown what road they choose (we were impatient about the paint drying so there is red glitter all over this one…clearly, another fruit of the Spirit I need to work on).  Logan and Bennett drew sad faces on them to show that they realized what they had done and how they felt sorrow and shed tears for the first time.  We also painted Satan as the snake and spoke about how deceptive he is and different ways that we are deceived today. Even if you don’t do the whole timeline, I encourage you to illustrate the first two stories with your children in some way.  To see the beautiful world that God created go from perfect to sinful all because of one choice is so powerful for their minds.

I will never forget during our Alphabet Adventure when we went to the different churches.  I asked the boys which one they liked best & the oldest said “The Catholic Church.  I could SEE Jesus so it made me KNOW He was there.”  WOW, truth out of the babes mouth.  Children are SO visual.  Let’s help them SEE & KNOW that Jesus is real and active in our homes.

One Response to “Bible Timeline: Part 2 A Very Sad Day by Kell”
  1. Jessica Lonergan says:

    Bell, what an amazing idea. I’m excited to do it with my girls soon. You amaze me! God is totally using you to encourage me to be a better mommy! Love you even though we don’t talk much! HUGS!

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