Book: Will God’s Mighty Warrior: The Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold by Kell

Got a “book parade” at school coming up and need a last-minute idea that is easy and will drive home a solid Bible based book for your kiddo?  Will God’s Mighty Warrior: The Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold by Sheila Walsh is oozing with pirate adventure and seeks out the one and only treasure, God’s Word.  Will and his buddy Josh (used book store junkies, yay!) find the page of an old Bible in one of the books that Will buys and they just have to see if it is a special message that leads to a treasure map.  It is a great little boy adventure that makes it cool and fun to discover the best mystery of all.

Will is wearing a newspaper made hat, mustache, blue & white striped shirt, wooden sword, blue sash, blue boots, carries a wooden spoon pirate flag and the “missing page/ pirate map”.  We are nixing the blue boots (because this is a last-minute project!!!) but had everything else on hand.  I used a piece of brown butcher paper to recreate the missing page and burned the edges a little (which was the highlight of the costume making!).  We googled how to make a newspaper hat because I forgot but it is super easy.  For the flag, I just tied a skull and crossbones bandana from our costume box onto a large wooden spoon.  I cut a sword out of a cardboard box (though I’m not sure if he can actually take this part to school….oops am I admitting I haven’t read the handbook yet??!!)  And we will be drawing a mustache on for the big day!  Easy!  Book parade or not, this is a fun little project to do to make the book just that much more fun!

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2 Responses to “Book: Will God’s Mighty Warrior: The Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold by Kell”
  1. Courtney says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to buy this book tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan says:

    Your book cracks me up with all the added stickers to it LOL! Who’s art was that? Love ya girlfriend!

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