Bible Timeline: Part 1 The Very Good Beginning by Kell

I am super excited to share this resource and what we are doing with it through the end of the year!!!  Taking a close second place to The Jesus Storybook Bible on our must have list is The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm.  It is so great on many different levels.

1) My Kinder can read it, whoa!!  When did that happen??!!  I love that he can snuggle up on the couch and sound out the words of THE Word!  It does not have a lot of words on each page and is very well illustrated so that the new reader can figure out words by pictures if need be.  It is also short enough for toddlers to sit through and enjoy.

2) It really does its title justice.  It is a great “Big Picture” overview from beginning to end of the Bible with the central focus on Jesus all the way through.  The illustrations show from the very beginning that He would be THE One to redeem us, something mankind could never do.

3) It is super engaging.  There are questions throughout the whole Bible that help parents talk to their kids like “Can you imagine what God thought about all this?”  There are 26 parts or chapters and each leaves you on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next.  We have never read a chapter without one of the kids saying “read the next one mommy!!”  Never.  That is huge.

4) It is pretty much a seminary class for toddlers on theology.  Awesome.

So this is our “new thing!”  We have begun a Big Picture Bible Timeline!  I am geeking out over this one!  It is big and fun and intentional and crafty and the kids are eating it up!!  The oldest keeps saying “I love this timeline mommy!!!”  This is how we started. First we made a small timeline (8×10 paper) of their lives from pregnancy to present to illustrate what a timeline actually is.  They loved this and it would be a fun activity all on its own to show how God planned out their lives.  But we moved on to the big project.  We have huge butcher paper and got all the craft supplies ready (paint, brushes, markers, stencils, pre-cut people shapes (Lakeshore Learning), tissue paper squares (box of precut squares at Lakeshore Learning), glue, glitter, google eyes, craft sticks and such), which will have a permanent home in the dining room now ;-).  Next we read through Part 1: The Very Good Beginning and talked about what happened, and how we could illustrate it.  Each child had different things they thought necessary to add.  As we re-created it, we spoke about how God used Words to create, how perfect God made the earth, how happy and beautiful it was, what it would be like if it would have stayed this way and so on.  And then we spent some time doing a little visual praying: eyes open, touching and pointing to things that they thought God did so well, and saying thank you for being the kind of God that can speak things into existence, and create such perfection.  It’s like prayer walking for a tot ;-), ha!  I will be posting our way through this, we have already done part two which I can’t wait to blog about, it is just that fun!!  Order this Bible, pour over it, and join us in a fun way to map out the Big Picture!

3 Responses to “Bible Timeline: Part 1 The Very Good Beginning by Kell”
  1. Susan says:

    Bless you sweet friend – this will be perfect for mommy adventure night. As it so happens we are already on Very Sad Day so we have time to catch up without waiting to keep on reading…

    do you usually go to Lakeshore learning or order online? Trying to figure out if your brain storms comes by browsing the aisles or if you already know what you want and then order it.

    • Well, LL had this big back 2 school sale and I stocked up on random craft things that I had been wanting. I saw the people and thought I could def use them for something…not knowing we would be doing this yet!! Missed chatting tonight but Owen & Lo had a classicly hilarious conversation 😉 Love you like crazy!!

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