Holiday Fun: I’m Thankful Four’s by Kell

The holiday’s are creeping up on us in the best sort of way!  I’m excited to begin blogging through some of the things we are doing around here to bring traditions that are centered around Christ into our home.  We will start with my all time favorite Thanksgiving tradition.  I found this on a couple of years ago and think it is one of the cutest & easiest ways to remind kids to have a thankful heart.  They are called “I’m Thankful Four’s.”  You can use them as gifts (the ones below were added to the giveaway as a surprise!!), for craft time at school parties, and of course for family time.  Add some good Psalms to your time and these will make great little devotional times with your kids and help direct them toward a kingdom kind of thankfulness.  Enjoy!

How to: just cut out a number four pattern from cardstock and use it to cut out several four’s from fun scrapbook paper.  I have backed mine (using a glue stick) with fall colored cardstock to make them sturdy so we can continue to put them up each year.  I used a small rectangle of cardstock to add the “I’m Thankful…” and glued that on the front.  I usually don’t cut out the hole in the four so that there is more room for writing.  Each four is almost the size of an 8×10 sheet of paper.

There are two ways that we have thought of to use these:

1. Every year, each family member makes one ‘four’ and can write as many things on it as they would like.  Make sure to put the year and name on the back!

2. For a whole month of thanks….make one for every day in November leading up to Thanksgiving day.  Each day, every family member will write one thing on that ‘four.’  So by the time Thanksgiving comes around you will have a ‘four’ garland full of a ‘month of thanks!’  Hang with clothespins on ribbon or other fun yarn or punch holes in the top and add a bow to tie onto an indoor tree.  So so cute!

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