Alphabet Adventure: Z Week

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I might be grieving the end of our alphabet adventure a little!!  We have had the BEST time ever!!  Daniel & I have been thinking through what’s next so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I will have my first giveaway in celebration of the end of the alphabet, and some new posts….missions, hospitality, mentors, accountability and more!

But for Z!  Zoom Zoom Zoom!!  The husband and I had our own Z adventure!  My fabulous parents took the kids over night and lent us their convertible, whoop!!  While I blog about the kids all the time, he is my first priority and the love of my life!  There is no better adventure than the marriage God has blessed us with.  I vote that every letter have a date night adventure and a kids fun adventure!!  For the kiddos, the obvious adventure is the Zoo!  And we have done everything Zoo-like that you can imagine!  For fun and to celebrate the end of my madness, we got Zoo themed silly bands, Zoo animal crackers, Twizzlers for practicing making the letter Z (and for eating Z’s too!!).  We did marble art Zebra’s which I have to admit were a total bust.  Do not use acrylic paint for this!!  You need a tempera paint with a little extra water or something to make it thin to roll into lines with the marbles.  Ours turned into a blotchy grey/ black/ white mess which totally covered up any Zebra that used to be there.  But none the less, we had fun rolling the marbles around ;-).  We also did zoo stamp art!  Our stamps and jumbo ink pads are from Lakeshore Learning.  The kids loved this as you can see from the pics!  Last, and super spur of the moment fun, pull out EVERY thing you own with Zippers!  Pants, jackets, lunch boxes, backpacks, puzzles, etc and let them practice their zipping skills!!!  This is SO great for the toddlers!  I wish I would have taken pics!

A GREAT Z faith lesson from “Faith Filled Moments” by Kelli Trujillo: #19, You won’t see that at the Zoo.  We went on, a nonprofit for different animal species, and looked at the “Threatened Species” section.  They have tons of videos on different animals (disclaimer: read the video description first to avoid mating or predators killing prey).  We talked about “awe” and how awesome God is to create such unique species.  I love Kelli’s example of saying “God, it looks like you painted that fish with a paintbrush!  You are such an artist!”  It is great for our kids to hear that spur of the moment, verbal praise when we are awed by our Lord!  Two questions that worked really well for us were “What do these creatures show us about God and what he is like?  and “What do you feel about God after seeing all these creatures he made?

Z Books: Zee is Not Scared by Michel Gay, Zee by Michel Gay, At the Zoo: Learning the Z Sound by Ilse Battistoni, Zeely Zebra by Barbara deRubertis, Jazz Fly by Matthew Gollub, The Zoo by Suzy Lee, Maze Ways by Roxi Munro

Get Zany for Z!  And stay tuned for the giveaway and  another great A to Z faith lesson to use!


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