Alphabet Adventure: Y Week

Y has been a great week for crafting around here!  We made our Y with Yellow Yarn & Yellow Stars.  We made yellow homemade play dough with lemon scent!!  The boys loved how warm it was right off the stove top & have continued to play with this all week.  We started out with cookie cutters that had yellow themes such as school bus and tennis ball but moved on to shapes and such as the week went on.  We also did yellow corn for our magnet page this week.

My favorite project has been our Yarn Art!  I had planned on doing handprints for H week on canvas and never got around to it so we turned our canvas’ to this fun yarn art that is designed by each child.  Nate is a little young, we call him Nater Gator so I created his yarn art around his nickname.  When I asked Bennett what he wanted to make, he said “our church!” So there you have it, steeple and all ;-), silly goose.  Logan wanted to make his glasses which I think turned out so cute, and so him.  He was the most hands on for the project and shaped the circles himself.  We let the glue dry over night and then painted them the next day.   I loved the yarn by itself so much that I almost left it like that, but I’m SO glad we painted them & love how they turned out!  We incorporated our faith lesson during this project focusing on YOU: “You are unique & special to God.”  I have several “you are special” type books that we read and talked about how God made them each with purpose & for a purpose.  The yarn art was a good transition to make something that they like or that makes them unique.  Fun fun!  I think I saw a version of the yarn art on The Artful Parent if you want to see more on this specific craft you could search her blog.

The other cute idea I saw but didn’t get around to was Yogurt Painting which I found on No Time for Flashcards.  I might have to pull this one out during breakfast one day, so, so cute!

Y Books: Henry and Mudge under the Yellow Moon by Cynthia Rylant, Yummiest Love by Lisa McCourt, Babar’s Yoga for Elephants by Laurent De Brunhoff, Suzy Mule by Barbara deRubertis, Fancy Nancy’s Favorite Fancy Words From Accessories to Zany (cannot believe I read this book to my boys, seriously), Yellow Sac Spiners by Eric Ethan,  Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese by Emily Green.

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2 Responses to “Alphabet Adventure: Y Week”
  1. Gianne says:

    Oh wow, we are totally doing the yarn art for playgroup. I have done yarn art with just yarn and glue, but the paint makes it SO beautiful! How fun!

  2. Susan says:

    I love the yarn art! AWESOME!!!

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