Music: Slugs, Bugs & Lullabies by Kell

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Slugs, Bugs, & Lullabies has been one of our favorite children’s C.D.’s for several years now.  Andrew Peterson & Randall Goodgame have put adventure & fun into each song and have several really cute songs about Jesus such as “God Made Me,” “Stop,” and “You Can Always Come Home.”  While the album in geared for pre-schoolers, it has songs perfect for rocking your new baby love to sleep, as well as songs my Kindergartener can’t get enough of.

We had the joy & blessing of attending a Slugs & Bugs concert in Katy, TX a few weeks ago.  The kids LOVED it!!  (But maybe I loved signing along more??!!)  Logan got to meet Randall and tell him his favorite song which he thought was just amazing!!  I am trying to find a way for us to get Randall to our church for a concert because it is just that much fun!  The best way you can support their ministry is to buy their C.D.’s- (Christmas Album coming out soon!!! Yes, it is true!!  The sneak peek of songs at the concert was super fun!!)- or make a way for Randall to come to your church for a family concert!  Their website is  This would be a GREAT community reach out event to young families!  Do it, do it, do it!!!

One Response to “Music: Slugs, Bugs & Lullabies by Kell”
  1. Thanks so much for the props! Katy was a blast – can’t wait to come back!

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