Alphabet Adventure: U Week

The back to school bugs came to my house and bit me.  I am sick, boooo.  But the oldest had the best start to Kinder last week and he is going strong….a little tired, but strong.  I knew he was going to be head over heels for it all.  Mama on the other hand is EXHAUSTED!!  I totally underestimated how much energy Kindergarten would take out of ME!!  This whole waking up at 6:30 thing is kicking my tail!!  Not to mention the fact that having two toddlers with no 6-year-old around to help out is putting a small damper on my style ;-0!!  So….a new normal is setting in and the middle is enjoying every minute of the extra attention!!

We did a mini version of “U”- one main craft and Bible lesson, short, sweet & to the point.  We used coffee filters, pipe cleaners, water colors & Andrew Peterson’s Resurrection Letters CD.  I have been wanting to teach the kids how to worship through art & music so we had a “little discussion” on painting to music- listening to the Words & painting about what we hear.  I was a little surprise at how attentive they were &  with what Logan came up with.  One of my friends has my CD so I can’t look at it to jog my memory of the song but I remember it was about hope in the midst of storms.  I joined them in painting and did my own versions of many of the songs and focused on the word hope while Logan painted a storm on one and a cross on another.  For our faith lesson we made a little pipe cleaner man.  While I held up one of the umbrellas we made, I talked about how an umbrella protects us from rain.  We stay dry when under, we get wet when not.  I asked “how do you think this is like the Lord?”  We had some great conversations about how God protects us when we love Him and follow Him- almost like He has a “God-sized” umbrella over us.  I made it a point to help this understand it does NOT mean the storms won’t come, the wind may knock the umbrella out of our hands every now and then, or push the rain up under the umbrella and drench us- but we NEVER loose trust in our God.  His love carries us.  So U is for “Under the protection of God & Umbrellas!” 

Want a mind-blowing, break your heart, real life, today, example of this?  The Ronne family just lost wife & mom to brain cancer this week.  His testimony of faith will knock you off your feet, humble you, and transform you.  There aren’t many storms more difficult than this to me.  We have prayed for this family for weeks so our U hit home pretty hard this past week and the older children saw how hard the storms can really be for many. 

How do you talk about hard times with your kids?  Do you protect them from difficulty, do you expose certain things, do you base it on age?  Do you involve them in prayer when the family is going through struggle?  Do share!

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