Alphabet Box: The Fun by Kell

Now, what do we do with this alphabet obsession box?  The first 5 games are from the previously mentioned Mari-Ann with Counting Coconuts (labeled by CC) and the last few are ones that we have come up with as we go.  I’m sure there are more to come so stay tuned!

One Drawer at a Time (CC). Lay out all objects from drawer on a mat with Letter Cards, emphasize the sound of the letter and have child repeat words, then say something like “All of these begin with the letter S.”

Seek and Find (CC). Randomly place all the objects from 2-3 drawers as well as Letter Cards on the mat and ask child to find an object that begins with one of the letters.  Have child line it up under the appropriate letter.

Please Bring Me (CC). Place some objects from two trays (or more depending on age) on a shelf across the room and ask child to bring you something that begins with the “t” sound.  When child brings back correct object, ask them to name it.  Confirm the name and make note of the sound, e.g. “Yes, that’s a tree.  Can you hear the “t” sound in the word ‘tree’?”

I Spy (CC). Put several objects from various drawers on a tray and say, “I spy with my little eye something that begins with the “b” sound.”  Child will then find the object and name it.

Sandpaper Letter Seek & Find (CC). Work with 10-12 letters at a time, laying out sandpaper letters in a row.  Have child first trace and say the sound of the letter and then find an object that matches that sound.  The challenge is that there are many more objects and letters to choose from.

Common Thread. Take out all the items from one drawer or items from various drawers (all shiny or all soft or all animals for example).  Ask child to look at items and find out what is alike about the group such as “they all start with the letter A” or “they are all blue.”

Story Time. Take all the items from one box such as W (whale, web, worker man, watermelon, wheel barrow, white, wand).  Ask child to tell a story that includes each item.  If child has a hard time, use book series “My Sound Box” by Jane Belk Moncure from your library.  There is a different book for each letter that may inspire a little creativity.  Mom or Dad doing a funny story as an example would be even better!

2 Letters 1 Word. Lay out items from 2 drawers with letter cards such as R & S.  Ask child to find items that have both letters in the word such as “star, soccer ball, starfish, rhinoceros, screwdriver, stapler and spider.”  This is great for older kids working on phonics.

God’s Love is Like.  Pick out several items and place them on a mat.  Have children pick out an item and share how God’s love is like that item.  Or you could do “God is like” based on the item, we kind of did both.  Today Logan did “God’s love is like a cotton ball because it is gentle,” “God’s love is like a baby because He sent Jesus as a baby,” “God is like a flashlight because He is the light of the world.”  It was fun to see him recall his scripture memory for the game.

I’m Thankful. Daniel started this at breakfast so I continued it with our alphabet box.  Set out several items (I used army man, earth, food items, animal, cross, Bible, etc), and ask child (or mommy!) to describe something they are thankful for on the tray without saying the name of the item.  “I’m thankful God gave us people who fight for our freedom and help keep us safe… man!”  “I’m thankful that God provides this and gives daddy a heart to work hard to provide for us…!”  “I’m thankful for a sport that brings you joy & the chance to be a good team mate…!”  Logan & Bennett loved this (and I loved hearing Bennett’s little voice saying “I’m gankful!!”)

4 Responses to “Alphabet Box: The Fun by Kell”
  1. Gianne says:

    So sweet as usual!

  2. Mari-Ann says:

    You are very, very creative! You’ve taken this alphabet box and run with it, no doubt increasing its lifespan with all these fun games! Well done, mama!! 🙂

    Counting Coconuts

  3. April says:

    Super creative!

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