Alphabet Box: The Box by Kell

This is SO NOT my idea!!  I give all credit to the fantastic & gifted Mary-Ann from Counting Coconuts for her idea and to my fabulous friend Amy for putting up with my madness and finding little items for our boxes week after week!  I am really just good at being a copy cat these days!  I got the box at Lowe’s and the alphabet letters at Michael’s from the Martha Stewart Collection.  The small bins are filled with the objects below.  Mary-Ann suggested the use of basic sounds but since Logan is almost 6 and reading I included the harder sounds & blends for him.  I separate them when I am doing the box with Bennett & Nate.  The larger bins on the bottom hold all our different alphabet cards.  I will post all of the games we have been doing with our box next!  There is loads of fun learning going on and it is creating some great moments for family time!  It is a relatively inexpensive project and much cheaper (and way more fun) if you do it with a friend.  Many of the items we bought came in sets or tubes.  Michael’s 40% off coupons are my new best friend!  They have several sets of erasers which is were we got some of the harder items.  Hobby Lobby’s Doll House section also proved to be fruitful!  So grab a friend & your kiddos and go on a hunt for alphabet fun and enjoy exploring your alphabet senses with your kiddos!  Stay tuned for the games & faith lessons!

5 Responses to “Alphabet Box: The Box by Kell”
  1. Mandy Turner says:

    when I worked at Sylvan we used little tubs like this… the kids loved them. Looking forward to hearing about all the ways you’re working this into activities. 🙂

  2. Mari-Ann says:

    You are too sweet! Thank you for your kind words. You did a FANTASTIC job putting together quite a collection of minis for your box. May I ask where you found your alphabet cards? They are perfect!

    Counting Coconuts

    • Well, did you notice V isn’t even listed b/c I can’t find anything for it? And several letters are works in progress!! My alphabet cards are from a hooked on phonics box that someone gave us at a birthday party once and I just happened to be cleaning out a closet and came upon them all! I am hoping for some sand paper ones soon! Where did you get yours?

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