Alphabet Adventure: T Week

We had a GREAT time with the letter T!  Basic educational stuff: we did our magnet board with T is for Turkey page from here, we pulled out our Kumon books for Telling Time (for Logan) & Tracing (for Bennett) (which by the way are great step by step books and easily bought at Target!!), and I pulled out all our train & transportation wooden puzzles for Nate.  We broke out all the Triangle Tangrams & did a couple of things:  I printed off the letter “T” from Make Learning Fun & we sorted the Triangles by color & then by size/ shape of triangle.  I also printed out a little Turtle coloring sheet with different shapes for counting from MLFun.  Our T was made with Train Tracks & Trains.  For our adventure, Daniel & the boys set out for the forest to find some wood (not on the tree of course!!) and brought it home to use Tools to make Tree blocks!  It was a HUGE hit with these boys!!  They loved helping use the saw, sanding them down and playing with their own handiwork!  We used this time to talk about trees & the fruits of the Spirit.  I taught them a little song I learned when I was growing up!  It was a good one to teach before school starts ;-)….every teacher enjoys a little love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness & self-control in the classroom!!  Enjoy the picks!  We finished T off with some Tattoos!!  My little guys look super tough (and mama too!!).  We have neglected the library for the last few weeks but trust me, T was well read with a million Transformers books…I could go without them for a while!!!

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