Alphabet Adventure: R & S Week

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R & S week was a little less “educational” and a whole lot of fun!!  We took a “Road Trip” to Sea World!!!!  There were plenty of “S” things hiding out in San Antonio so I made a few “R” activities for the down time!  I found colored twizzlers (which taste horrible!!) but we used them to make Rainbows.  I printed out Rain Gauge’s for Logan from Make Learning Fun so he could work on 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 measurements and he loved these!  For Bennett, I printed out some race car tracers to work on pre-writing skills & numbering (each car was numbered so after he traced them all he had to put them in order from 1 to 10.)  Logan of course did them several times too ;-).  Our hotel was wonderful and had fire pits by the pools so we took the opportunity to Roast marshmallows several nights!  But R really led to all the S fun!  We did Sea lions, Shamu, Ski Show, every water Slide you can imagine and much more!  In San Antonio they also have a Wild Life Safari and it was a highlight of the trip!  Nate loved chucking all the food out the window & the big boys loved getting to stand and look outside the sunroof.  We almost got eaten by an ostrich….seriously.  It was awesome.  We did our Hunt scripture memory & devotions during the trip and then spent a little more time with R & S when we got home.  We used our spinny art thing and made Rainbow art.  We sorted stars & shells with tongs.  I also got a string of stars and they pulled all of the stars off (great for concentration!!).  We did a rainbow magnet page and pulled out our “new toy” which is an alphabet box we’ve been making!  We did all sorts of things with our R & S drawers!!  (More on this to come!!)  And let’s just say we read a LOT of Star Wars books from home as we did not make it too the San Antonio Library, ha!!  So all in all R & S were wonderful!  School starts in a week so we will be continuing our little adventure through the beginning of the school year….stay tuned for T, some new book & music reviews and the beloved Alphabet Box!

2 Responses to “Alphabet Adventure: R & S Week”
  1. Gianne says:

    So cute! I love the seashells idea. We have the ingredients! =) Also, the follow the line idea is great too…I need to do that more with Charlotte. It is great writing practice!

    • Have you used the Kumon books? There is a great tracing book for 2-4 year olds that is great for pre-writing! I need to catch up on your blog- vbs & vaca took me out of your crafty loop!!

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