Family Rules by Kell

One of my cousins reminded me of these today.  We established these family rules about a year  ago (though I wish it would have happened earlier b/c the oldest was def ready for something like this by age 3).  I think it is really helpful for both child and parent to have some guidelines on how … Continue reading

Alphabet Box: The Fun by Kell

Now, what do we do with this alphabet obsession box?  The first 5 games are from the previously mentioned Mari-Ann with Counting Coconuts (labeled by CC) and the last few are ones that we have come up with as we go.  I’m sure there are more to come so stay tuned! One Drawer at a Time … Continue reading

Alphabet Box: The Box by Kell

This is SO NOT my idea!!  I give all credit to the fantastic & gifted Mary-Ann from Counting Coconuts for her idea and to my fabulous friend Amy for putting up with my madness and finding little items for our boxes week after week!  I am really just good at being a copy cat these days!  I got … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: T Week

We had a GREAT time with the letter T!  Basic educational stuff: we did our magnet board with T is for Turkey page from here, we pulled out our Kumon books for Telling Time (for Logan) & Tracing (for Bennett) (which by the way are great step by step books and easily bought at Target!!), … Continue reading

Blogs to Mill Over…

I have added three new blogs to the right that I just have to share!  They are all great blogs on building “deep roots” in your children for Christ and you will be greatly encouraged & spurred on by these awesome mama’s and their passion for their kiddos! 1) Full Hands & Ready Feet is … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: R & S Week

R & S week was a little less “educational” and a whole lot of fun!!  We took a “Road Trip” to Sea World!!!!  There were plenty of “S” things hiding out in San Antonio so I made a few “R” activities for the down time!  I found colored twizzlers (which taste horrible!!) but we used … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: O, P, & Q Week

Well hello all you crazy alphabet junkies!!  Wait until you see my latest project that a buddy and I have been working on since July!!  You will have to wait a few more days for its reveal as we are going on a little adventure for R & S week!!!  We had one super fan-tab-u-lous … Continue reading

We love Sally (& Jesus)….Part 2 by Kell

Well, let me just say, I am lovin’ the newest addition to our walls!  A wonderful reminder in the center of the home of the “never stopping never giving up unbreaking always forever love” of Christ!  This is a well loved saying from our Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Loyd Jones.  I totally did … Continue reading