Book: Going Public by Kell

“There’s never been a time when children could be successfully raised without sacrifice and discipline on the part of the parents.”  Elisabeth Elliot


Over the past two years I have sincerely come to a place where I believe two things about education in our home. One: Homeschooling is not just a wonderful option, but it is our responsibility.  Two: God is 100% calling our family to public school.  You may be thinking how do those two reconcile themselves?  I have wondered that over and over.  It has been the topic of many prayers on the floor of my closet (where I cannot hear my children ;-0).  I am surrounded by amazing homeschool moms and amazing public school moms and it would be easy to go either way.  There are difficulties & joys of both but what Daniel and I had to keep going back to was what is GOD calling US to.  It was not an easy journey.  This is my first time going through this and so many times I felt I was expected to already know or have already “arrived.”  It has been freeing to say to the Lord, “I don’t know what to do!!!!”  I needed Him to speak, I needed Him to show us His best no matter how I was raised or what other families around me are doing.  I love the freedom of finally being able to say, I will do whatever You want Lord with each child and with every new year.  We, no doubt, are passionate about the public school system and are thrilled that God is placing our family there.  But we will continue to humbly learn from the Lord how to teach and train our children in our home.  The majority of their time is ours and we plan to be intentional with every moment the Lord gives to us.

Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School by David & Kelli Pritchard is an incredible book.  They are parents of 8 children, live on the West coast, are passionate about public school and are ever so present in their children’s lives.  This is a must read for any parent that feels called to the public school system.  And we dare say a great read for those who choose to home school.  They are home schoolers.  They are public schoolers.  And they have wonderful secrets on how it can all fit.  I could easily write pages of quotes and thoughts about their experiences and how they have handled things but I will give you the joy of discovering them on your own and we can chit chat after ;-).  Looking forward to a cup of Mighty Leaf tea and some good conversation (or back and forth blogging) about all the wisdom you unfold in this one.

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    With school starting just around the corner, we wanted to share ( actually re-share ) an annual back-to-school read. Kell, so glad you found this book 2 years ago now and that you took the time to share from your heart about the homeschool/public school struggle. Enjoy this post from the archives friends!

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