Book: My ABC Bible Verses by Kell

My ABC Bible Verses

Scripture memory was such a vital and fruit bearing discipline in the early days of my following Christ.  While I ‘technically’ accepted Christ as my Savior during a youth retreat in January of my 8th grade year, I chose the world and my flesh over a life led by the Holy Spirit throughout my High School years.  Yes, my dear children have sucked my memory completely (!!!!!), but I do remember trying to change several times throughout my high school days.  I remember trying to make friends with those who I thought would help me and hold me accountable to the ways of Christ.  I remember longing to know the community that I saw certain Christian clicks were experiencing.  Yet I couldn’t fully let go of past pain, image, world, and reputation.  I had good days, weeks, and months, but the underlying reality was that I was in bondage to a life I knew was not God’s best.  It wasn’t until college that I finally allowed the Holy Spirit to set me free.  December of my freshman year in college, I chose Christ over self.  I was surrounded by a passionate and patient Christian Community in college….and that coupled with the struggle and hardship of a major hip surgery flung me to my face in desperate need of the One True God.

I will never forget some of my first moments with the discipline of scripture memory.  I remember being in my hospital gown, 18 years old, walking the halls at M.D. Anderson with a walker and my mother helping me memorize scriptures that I had written out on a few sheets of notebook paper.  I remember the pain I experienced as the nurses tried to roll me onto that hip to change my bed sheets and screaming out to the Lord.  I remember the peace that came over me when she spoke the Word of God out loud and proclaimed His truth in the midst of physical suffering.  For the first time, God’s Word took residence in my body and transformed every part of me and I have never been the same.  I am thankful to my mother for speaking those words into my heart.  I am thankful for the students that surrounded me at First Baptist and the BSM for being living examples of the power of God’s truth.

Having years of those moments where God’s Word has exposed, convicted, healed, encouraged, and transformed me, I have NO CLUE why I did not think to start the practice of Scripture memory with my children earlier than now.  It was always in the back of my mind as a goal, and done on occasion even, but never a consistent practice.  Part of me has been lazy about it, and part of me needed some kind of plan.  Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts has been just the kick in the bum that I needed….and I stand in awe once again at the power of the Word of God.  Being that Logan is my first 5 year old, I’m humbly learning how to parent, what to do, and when.  And mark my words, this is the start of a new home.  I was unaware of what Scripture could do in such a tiny little person, but God’s Word has no boundaries, it truly does not return void.  In just four short weeks, I see a different child, our conversations have changed, the ponderings of his heart and whispers of his mouth are not what the were before.  Just today as we are driving home I can hear him whispering to himself in his carseat…”Jesus is the light, Jesus is the lamb, Jesus is life, Jesus is Savior, Jesus is God.”  I little tear of praise trickled down my cheek as I heard the small voice proclaiming such beautiful truth behind me.  Thank you Lord for being a God who is not silent.  Thank you for the Holy Spirit inspired Words written down for us to love and learn and bind to our hearts.  Thank you that Your Word has no limit.  There is truly none like You.

There are lots of ways to do Scripture memory with children, and lots of resources at our fingertips.  My only word of wisdom is to just begin and be amazed at the fruit that pours forth.

5 Responses to “Book: My ABC Bible Verses by Kell”
  1. Gianne says:

    Beautiful. Amen. This touched my heart, truly.

  2. Susan says:

    Hey Kell. Thanks again for giving Owen his owen copy of this. We are on C and sure enough he has 3 verses memorized like it was nothing. I love it – and of course, I’m memorizing them along with him without even trying! Thanks for giving us the tool for making the desire for scripture memory for the whole family Iareality. Love you!

  3. Hannah says:

    ok – totally getting this book!…your story is welling up tears up the whazoo!!!

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