Alphabet Books

I decided to dedicate a post just to the Alphabet Books I have found so far.  This post will grow all summer as I’m sure there are thousands!!  These have been the ones that we have found at our library and renewed several times!!  We have done several things with them such as…. I will put out several of the ABC books on the floor and say to the bigger boys “who can find the letter D first?!”  They race to find the page with the correct letter (Bennett usually goes to the B page because he is in a very proud state over the fact that he knows his name starts with a B).  I have also done a game with Logan where I tell him to spell a word using one page from each book.  So he will use the A from one, R from another, and T from another.  They are also great dinner table occupiers when I have five more minutes of dinner prep to do and everyone seems to be sitting & waiting on mom ;-).  Add your fav’s to the list and we will check them out!

Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood

My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt

Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert

S is for Shepherd by Tricia Lowenfield

Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

Anamalia by Greame Base

ABC Doctor: Staying Healthy from A to Z by Liz Murphy

K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo by Giles Andreae

Alphab’art: Find the letters hidden in the paintings by Anne Guery

The Z was Zapped by Chris Van Allsburg

Pigs for A to Z by Arthur Geisert

A is for Aardvark: Double the Letters! Double the Fun! by Mark Shulman

Babar’s ABC’s by Laurent de Brunhoff

3-D ABC: A Sculptural Alphabet by Bob Raczka

Brazil ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Brazil by David Seidman

Who put the B in the Ballyhoo by Carlyn Beccia

A Treasury of Alphabets published by The Chicken House

A is for ZebrA: A Happy Ending On Every Page by Mark Shulman

Zoo Clues Animal Alphabet by Alex Lluch

Maze Ways A to Z by Roxi Munro (One of our Fav’s)

L is for Lone Star: A Texas Alphabet by Carol Crane

Wild West Trail Ride Maze by Roxi Munro


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