Father’s Day Gifts by Kell

This post is especially for mom’s with new baby’s, celebrating their first father’s day, or for prego mom’s to think about for next year!  We started this 5 years ago when Logan was born so that Daniel would have something beyond “boy gifts” for Father’s Day.  Every year we add a few new pages that include the following: hand prints of each child, letter from each child, pictures of dad with each child, a family picture and a letter from me.  The letters share our favorite things from the year, how we have seen Daniel grow, what our favorite things about him are & why he is so special to us.  He looks forward to this special gift every year and loves reading back to be reminded of what God has done in our lives.  It is fun to see the family grow and to praise God for the good gift He has poured on us in Daniel.

We also made father’s/ grandfather’s a little something fun that I found on AmazingMoms.  They turned out super cute & Logan enjoyed drawing all the hamburgers.  The bottles were hard to find, we ended up at Marshalls and bought the whole shelf ;-).

One Response to “Father’s Day Gifts by Kell”
  1. stephanie lee says:

    Hey gal! Yes…the 29th would be super fun! We have gymnastics in the morning at 10:20 but we can totally skip that depending on when you are coming that way! SO FUN! Sorry, I totally thought I already replied to you, I guess I didn’t do it right 🙂 I am so happy you are blogging here! Fun to keep up! Love you and so looking forward to some time to visit…and eat bluebell 🙂

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