Eat My Words

I would give you the freedom to call me an absolute alphabet nutcase BUT, we are having way too much fun around here with our SA-WEET find at Randalls (or Safeway for our CA friends!!).  Yes, we are making words & playing I-spy with our new Scrabble Cheeze-Its!!  I couldn’t help but share my insanity … Continue reading

Book: Busting Boredom with Family Time by Kell

There is nothing like a lazy day in my mind….but for a 5, 3 & 1-year-old, there is little room for lounging on the hammock with a cup of tea & a book for 3 hours!!  I am the first to encourage the kids to have down time every day- a good book, some pretend play, a … Continue reading

Alphabet Adventure: C & D Week!

Though we didn’t start off so strong, there is hope that C/D week will slightly better (fever STILL staying put)!  I have been wanting to take the kids on a “Church Tour” for a while now so C week provides the perfect opportunity!  I really want to expose the kids to the different ways people … Continue reading

Alphabet Disaster!!!

Apple Painting

The two questions that every mother of multiple children asks herself when one child starts throwing up are: “Who’s next?” and “When will it hit?”  Those are what have been running through my mind every day for the last 12 days!!!  I wish I could report that our first official week with our Alphabet Adventure … Continue reading

Book: Matt’s Begats by Kell

This post could be motivated by my obsession with Andrew Peterson (in the “wow, what an amazing artist” type of obsession in case you don’t know me well and need that clarification, ha!!!).  I figure anyone that can get me & my children psyched about the geneology of Christ is pretty much a super stud.  Yes people, … Continue reading