Book: Faith-Filled Moments by Kell

I am hoping to do a book review at least once a week.  I feel like parents are always hungry for resources to aid in discipleship of their kiddos.  While I will always point to the Bible as our primary source for life and teaching, we are fortunate enough to live in an age where resources for parenting are plentiful.  It has not always been like this, in fact, I believe we are seeing something new and fresh come out of children’s ministers across the country.

In the 80’s the church as a whole (there are always fabulous churches who fought against the pressures of how to become the most popular place in the community) became a place where children could come to be entertained.  Many churches took the responsibility off of parents and put in onto the churches shoulders.  There are many reasons for this in which I plan to expound upon in a later post.  But for now let’s recognize that the process of discipleship and really equipping parents can be an overwhelming task to a church (especially when the parents don’t want it!!!).

It seems as though churches are realizing that entertaining children 1-3 hours a week is not accomplishing what they thought it might.  It is not raising children who are rooted in the Word and bearing the image of Christ.  Instead it has raised children who come to church for an emotional experience instead of accountability and community, to be entertained instead of encouraged and equipped to live out the gospel.  The reality is, we have several generations who were raised by a lot of parents who never did anything to equip and disciple their own children.  Many, if not most, did not have a parent to live out the gospel for them….and in part because the church told them they didn’t have to; it was being done for them.

The problem now is that I think we expect Christians in our generation to know how to raise children who are passionate about Jesus but we are not realizing that everyone is walking around acting as if they know what to do….yet not really having a clue.  I think for young families, the book Faith-Filled Moments by Kelli Trujillo is an incredible place to start.  She is fun, creative, and purposeful in her parenting.  She weaves faith into the mundane moments in life.  Even more, she creates moments to lay a firm foundation of truth in her children and teaches other parents to do the same.  Wondering how to turn a paper airplane, a bowl of fruit, or the abc’s into a “faith-filled moment?”  Grab a cup of tea, your favorite chair, and Kelli’s book.  By the end your mind will be racing with childlike excitement for fort making and bug hunting for the sake of raising deep roots for Christ in your precious kiddos. 

2 Responses to “Book: Faith-Filled Moments by Kell”
  1. Melissa Weeks says:

    Thanks, Kellye!
    I plan to pick this book up soon!



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