Bible: We love Sally by Kell

My first blog post can be given to none other than Sally-Loyd Jones and her great work with the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Her passion to show children the redemptive theme that exists throughout the whole of Scripture is beautiful.  She has managed to let God’s Word take both child and adult on a journey of anticipation for the coming Christ.  Woven in this children’s Bible are concepts that teach every age how to see Christ in all things.  I recently chuckled at a dear friend as she was sharing about “seeing Jesus in the movie Hercules.”  An evangelist at heart, she sees the ability to take a story of Greek gods and find a way to teach her children of Christ and his redemptive nature.  Sally-Loyd Jones uses this same gift to show us the One True God: Father, Son, and Spirit, and His presence from the beginning of the Bible to the end.  Let’s sit with Sally a while and learn how to master the art of showing our kids the presence of Jesus is every part of our day….

Begging for more from Sally-Loyd Jones!

2 Responses to “Bible: We love Sally by Kell”
  1. Stacy says:

    We LOVE this book. We got it for the kids for Christmas and finished reading through it last month. I just loved how every story pointed to Christ and led us with anticipation for what was to come. SO good.

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